I Am Home from Utah

I have known this girl for years and we have this sort of strange on and off relationship. She seems to be really allergic to commitment and that is fine with me. At any rate her mother is a doctor and her father is a San Jose chiropractor, and the two of them have been smart with their money. She runs this little place in a ski resort town in mountains of Utah, it sells the sort of things that rich folks need to impress other rich people. At any rate she called me up and invited me to come see her. It was sort of strange, because I had seen her father only a couple of weeks before that. I met her when she was working in his office. I am thinking that this was why she called me, because I know for a fact that her parents want me to get back together with her.

I Found a Place Close to the Base

The place is really small, but then again I am just one person and I am thinking that I should be able to find someone to rent the extra room if I really wanted to do it. I did have to get adt in San Diego to come in and put in a simple system for home security. I have been talking to some of the neighbors and they tell me that there are occasional break ins in the area. It seems from what they say that it is kids doing it, for example they seem to figure out when people are not at home and then they will hold a party in it. I suspect that these kids would be easily deterred and that if they knew you had an alarm.